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A new look for PIUSI: welcome to our new website!

Corporate - 26/02/2019

We have become more fluid: just as the fluids we dispense.

We have organized our information to better meet the market requirements. We have renewed our profile. We have made a Fluid Handling Innovation on ourselves: welcome to the new Piusi website! A dynamic, fast and fluid portal to communicate with our partners in a more direct and comprehensive way.Technical product information. Datasheets and curiosities and many new functions you can discover surfing through the various pages. And to remain always updated on PIUSI, OIL NEWS is born: a new blog dedicated to PIUSI's innovations. An online area where to share and find news and developments of the Company, the products, the market sector and much more.

“The OIL NEWS project was created some time ago with a house organ made to share with the market our news and developments. A magazine mainly used during trade fairs and events”

says Andrea Zanini; Marketing Manager of PIUSI.

“Today we are ready to make a step forward: for this reason we have transformed OIL NEWS in an online magazine aimed at interacting with our market in a faster and more efficient way”
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