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Since 1953, PIUSI is a leading player in the global fluid handling sector, with a complete range of products for fluid transferring and management: the Italian quality and enigeering at the service of private operators in agriculture, the automotive industry, workshops and garages, fleet management, road and sea transport worldwide.


We supply the world's leading markets with top-quality, professional and easy to use products and complete solutions for transferring, refilling and measuring lubricants, fuels and liquids such as gasoline, diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), AdBlue®, oil, water and grease. PIUSI products have many different uses such as monitoring and transferring fuel at trucking companies, refueling of agricultural vehicles, transferring fuels in construction and mining for heavy duty vehicles.

The products are intuitive and easy to use; are suitable to be installed in a variety of contexts; are all Made entirely in Italy; and all products express the innovation, quality, professionalism and R&D that have always distinguished PIUSI.

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In 1953, Franco Varini founded O.M.A.A (Italian acronym for Mechanical Workshop for Agricultural Applications): PIUSI is born. Since then, stricly related to its name - PIUSI: MANY-USES (più-usi) - the Company has developed its core business of pump manufacturing applying its know-how and engineering competence to different fluids; starting from fuels up to lubricants and - more recently - DEF/AdBlue®. In the Eighties, a diversification was introduced: besides pumps, PIUSI started the production of some related products such as flow meters and nozzles. The global player was starting to enhance its leadership. In the Ninties many iconic PIUSI products were engineered: the CUBE dispenser, the K500 preset nozzle meter, EASY OIL nozzle for oil and the grease nozzle meter GREASTER. The NEW MILLENNIUM is the era of DEF/AdBlue® and of the Fleet Managemet Systems SSM 2.0, SSM2018 and the Oil Monitoring System MCO 2.0.

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