New SB325/SB325-meter automatic nozzle with break-away system and stainless steel spout

The new SB325 automatic nozzle features a innovative technopolymer casing, break-away system, and a stainless steel spout.

Safety is guaranteed by the break-away system. In the event that a vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still in the tank, the spout is designed to detach from the nozzle.

This system also allows for a quick repair by merely fitting a new spout onto the nozzle.


Mis-filling Kit Spout 

This kit allows you to transform a standard SB325 nozzle into an SB325 mis-filling system by simply fitting a different spout onto the nozzle.

This system will prevent a potential mis-fill when the SB325 mis-filling spout is used in conjunction with the magnet in the opening of the tank.

The Piusi Magnetic Adaptor allows the SB325 mis-filling spout to be used with all tanks.

Designed in compliance with International Standards ISO/ FDIS 22241-4:2009 concerning AdBlue® dispensing nozzles

The new automatic nozzle design features a reliable, ergonomic, and flexible shell that protects against weathering and UV radiation.

The nozzle is also available with a built-in electronic turbine flow meter

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