Diesel cars with SCR system require periodic refilling with AdBlue®.  To meet this demand, modern servicing centres need equipment that’s Rapid, Reliable and Clean. Thanks to ten years of specific experience and following significant investment and long-term testing, PIUSI has created Delphin PRO, which makes AdBlue® refilling completely automatic. In achieving this goal, PIUSI confirms its leadership in the sector.


The new system, designed to meet the needs of workshops, is easy to transport and allows AdBlue® to be dispensed safely into vehicles’ tanks. Delphin PRO is a dispenser made up of a robust trolley on which the drum of AdBlue® is installed. A push of the start button and the electric pump refills the car. The innovative closed system prevents vapour and smells from leaking out and protects the AdBlue® from any external pollutant.


The air in the car’s tank is actually transferred to the Delphin’s tank when the car is being refilled. Flexible, easy to move and use.


In the Delphin Pro DC version, the control panel is equipped with a dispensing speed regulator. In addition, thanks to the powerful internal battery, the system can provide more than 50 AdBlue® supplies with only one battery charge.


Piusi: Innovation and Quality Made in Italy.

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