The questions most frequently asked of our technical and sales staff are listed below, together with the answers.
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What is the discharge head of your pumps?

All our pumps are fitted with a bypass valve that limits the maximum pressure to a preset value.

As a general rule we can say that:
Diesel pumps with DC motors and DC diesel distribution units
Max discharge head 1.5 bar
Diesel pumps with AC motors and AC diesel dispensers
Max discharge head 3 bar
Oil pumps with DC motors
Max discharge head 5 to 10 bar
Oil pumps with AC motors
Max discharge head 12 to 25 bar

What is the maximum suction head for your diesel and oil pumps?

Our pumps are self-priming. They can draw liquid from a depth of up to 2 metres without a foot valve. For greater suction heads, we recommend that a foot valve be installed, which allows for a suction head of up to 4 metres

Do you manufacture ATEX or IECEx pumps for dispensing petrol?

Yes, we manufacture ATEX and IECEx pumps for the handling of explosive liquids such as petrol and kerosene.

Do your pumps have ministerial approval?

Our pumps have ministerial approval in accordance with Italian Ministerial Decree 31.07.1934 paragraph I No. XVII, and subsequent amendments

Do you manufacture products that are compatible with AdBlue®?

Yes, we manufacture manual and automatic nozzles, pumps and flow meters that are compatible with AdBlue® (Urea).
Select products that are compatible with Urea from our catalogue.

Do you manufacture biodiesel pumps?

There are many types of biodiesel available on the market, the chemical composition of which is unknown. Many manufacturers use additives that could be aggressive and, therefore, not compatible with the materials of our pumps and/or flow meters.

Before using the pumps with biodiesel, always make sure that it is a product that is supplied with a composition certificate, and ask the seller to confirm that the product is compatible with our pumps.

Software for dispensing units

Why can't I download the information with the key reader?

The possible reasons are as follows: 

-   You have not installed the software Self Service Management
-   You have not installed the correct driver for your Key Reader (check the OS in use)
-   The correct communication port has not been properly selected in the menu Configuration ---> Serial port selection (please look at the M0090 manual, page 15)
-   The proper communication mode has not been correctly selected in the menu Configuration ---> System Configuration (please look at the M0090 manual, pages 16 and 17)
-   The key manager was not associated to the dispensing unit
-   The Software for the communication SelfComm is not active

Why can't I install the software Self Service Management?

For the installation of our Software for fluid management, you must first be sure that you have the minimum requirements to perform the installation of the software. Otherwise, you should contact your Network Administrator.

In case you have a default browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Mozilla or Chrome, you may experience some problems with the Autorun installation. The solutions can be as follows:

1. define Internet Explorer as the default browser of your OS and launch the Autorun again

2. open the content of the installation CD with the File Manager, open the folder called “Materials”, then the folder “Software”. Run the executable file Setup.exe (for this last step, make sure that you have the minimum requirements to proceed with this operation, otherwise contact your Network Administrator).

Why can't i see the old deliveries that I downloaded in the past?

The possible reasons are as follows:

- The databases have been already packed; In this case, the old data are definitely lost
- An incompatible version of the editor Crystal Report is installed; In this case: the only solution is to uninstall the software and to proceed with a brand new installation (it is recommended to save the “Data” folder to be used with the new installation)
- The software is utilized by a standard user without the necessary requirements of the Network Administrator; therefore the previous data were saved in a different location than the standard one : C:\\Program Files(x86)\Self Service\Data\Self.mdb .

For the last problem, we suggest the following solution:

- Search the database on your PC Self.mdb with particular attention to the virtual path: C:\Users\<user-name>\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\
- Paste the previous database Self.mdb to the location C:\\Program Files(x86)\Self Service\Data\
- Select the icon of the executable file Self Service Management with the right mouse button, select “Properties”, select “Advanced” and flag the option “Run as Administrator”.

Flow meter

How accurate are your flow meters?

Accuracy varies from product to product and, for each flow meter, it is defined within the reference flow rate range. As a general rule, subject to verification on the product data sheet, the precision of the flow meters that we manufacture can be summarised as follows:

Electronic flow meters with oval gears +/- 0.5% (e.g. K200 – K900)
Electronic turbine flow meters +/- 1% (e.g. K24, Turbinox)
Mechanical flow meters with oval gears +/- 1% (e.g. K700)
Mechanical nutating-disc flow meters +/- 1% (e.g. K33, K44)

Do you manufacture flow meters that are approved for sale to the public?

As part of our range, we have some flow meters for oil applications that are approved for sale to the public. The approved products, and countries in which they are approved, are as follows:

KA500 Germany (PTB), Italy (Central Metric Office), Austria (BEV), Estonia ( TIJ), Finland ( VJA), India (Central Metric Office), KA475 Germany (PTB), Italy (Central Metric Office), Austria (BEV), Estonia (TIJ), Finland (VJA), Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, KA400 Germany (PTB), KA400 Pulser Germany (PTB)
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