About us

PIUSI  was  established  in  1953  in  Suzzara,  in the  province  of  Mantua  (Italy).  They  started as  a  mechanical  engineering  workshop  serving  the  agricultural  industry.  The  company soon  made  a  name  for  itself  as  a  manufacturer  of  strong  and  easy-to-use  products  suitable  for  a  range  of   “different  uses”  (più-usi). 

The Company

The  beating  heart  of  PIUSI  has  always  been its  workers  and  just  as  this  hard  and  generous  land  produced  the  company,  so  PIUSI  provides  stability  and  wealth  to  the  area known  as  the  thriving  economic  centre  of Italy,  with  a  deep-rooted  presence  in  Suzzara.
Research is constantly focused on finding innovative solutions, the upshot of the genius of Italian excellence. This has led PIUSI to set up modern offices and a manufacturing facility which includes an automated warehouse on a covered surface area of 25,000 m 2  (270,000 SqFt), part of a larger area covering 44,000 m 2  (473,000 SqFt).

PIUSI  boasts  an  efficient  and  dynamic  corporate  structure  with  200  employees,  an  inhouse  research  &  development  laboratory, and  an  extensive  sales  and  spare-parts  network,  further    strengthened  in  2009  with  the opening  of  a  company  for  the  north  and  central  American  market  based  in  Florida  -  USA.

Today  PIUSI  spa  is  a  major  player  in  over 120  different  countries,  with  a  broad  range  of  intelligent,  professional  and  easy-to-use  solutions  for  transferring  and  measuring  fuels,  lubricants  and  liquids,  able  to satisfy  customer  needs  by  carefully  and  competently listening to the Voice of the Customer.
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PIUSI spa provides professional, easy-to-use and top-performance solutions for transferring “dispensing” and measuring fuels, lubricants and liquids. PIUSI pumps, flow meters, dispensing instruments and accessories (filters, nozzles, etc.) are used and in demand at global level in a whole range of different sectors, from transport to construction to agriculture, the automotive industry, the ship-building industry, with special focus on the production of UREA supply products (AdBlue®, DEF, ARLA).

Our guiding values

• Quality, recognised by the market and by international bodies which certify the reliability of production processes (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008) and environmental friendliness (UNI EN ISO 14001:2004)
• High integrity and fairness in relations with customers,  suppliers  and  associates,  guaranteed by  international  success,  by  ongoing  corporate growth  and  by  a  high  rate  of  customer  loyalty.
• Always  careful  to  provide  innovative,  easy to  use  and  environmentally  friendly  solutions  which  we  are  duty  bound  to  provide  to  ensure  the  future  of  our  children.
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