How to recognise original Piusi products

Piusi takes legal action against anyone who copies its products and is implementing a targeted policy designed to enable end-users to distinguish original products from counterfeits:

although these simple precautions may not come automatically to the untrained eye, following them can help you make a responsible purchase, that will ensure reliability and long service-life.


Piusi's first suggestion is also its simplest: go to AUTHORISED DEALERS (contact us for the name of your nearest dealer)


 We also advise you to check:

• The presence of the Piusi logo on products, instruction manuals and packaging: even the most prolific counterfeiters know that the Piusi trademark is registered worldwide and that any falsification is easily and vigorously pursued

• The product label: contains technical information and the Piusi logo

• The packaging: Piusi products are packaged to a high standard, mostly in boxes marked with Piusi graphics, which are protected by copyright.

• The product finish: Piusi's excellence finds expression in superior attention to detail and the high quality and safety of materials, all of which are absent from counterfeits.

piusi original pump and copy pump


Insist on the quality, safety and design of products made in Italy!


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