Essential guidelines for correct corporate communication.

The key elements of PIUSI SpA's communication are as follows:

• The PIUSI logo, consisting of the company name written in a distinctive, geometric, underlined block;
• The international pay-off and its regulated range of possible positions next to the logo;
• The company colours PIUSI RED and BLACK, combined with WHITE, which dominates the communication;
• The graphic motif of the double red and black lines of different thickness, separated by a white space, which identifies all the key elements of the coordination;
• The family of fonts that form part of the company's house-style.

Authorisation for use

All graphic publications communicating or promoting the presence, activity and identity of PIUSI SpA must comply with the above requirements, and with the full provisions of the Coordinated Image Manual.

All forms of communication must be approved by the Marketing Department of PIUSI SpA before publication. Any deviation from the regulations set out on this page, even if only minimal, without the prior consent of the Marketing Department of PIUSI SpA is forbidden. In the even of any breach of the above conditions, PIUSI SpA reserves the right to take legal action against the party concerned.

To request authorisations or communication materials in digital format, send an email to marketing[at]piusi[dot]com, giving the your company identification data and contact details, and specifying in detail the reasons for your request.
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