ATEX - IECEx - UL petrol-gasoline transfer pumps

Safety  in  explosive  environments

As of 1st July 2003, the ATEX directive came into  force  throughout  the  EEC.  This  directive  became  an  obligatory  requirement  for all  electrical  and  mechanical  equipment intended  for  use  in  dangerous  areas.
Potentially explosive atmospheres exist where there is a risk of explosion due to mixtures of gas and air, steam and air, dust and air or other explosive combinations typical of petrol vapours.
If  the  electrical  or  mechanical  material must  be  used  in  areas  where  there  is  an  explosive  atmosphere,  it  must  be  designed and  built  so  as  not  to  create/  to  eliminate sources  of  ignition  such  as  sparks,  hot  surfaces  or  static  electricity  and  all  sources  of combustion  able  to  ignite  these  mixtures.
Risk  areas  for  environments  where  gas and  flammable  vapours  are  present  can range  from  AREA  0  (constant  risk  of  explosion)  to  AREA  1  (risk  of  explosion  probable)  and  AREA  2  (low  risk  and  any  risk of  explosion  persists  for  a  short  time  only)

PIUSI extends its experience to the world of  explosive liquids (gasoline, petrol, kerosene)

In light of the regulations in force regarding the use of materials in potentially explosive environments, Piusi is broadening its horizons in search of solutions for transferring fluids, enhancing its range with new products for dispensing explosive liquids.
The experience gained with diesel transfer pumps, together with the growing demands of the market, has prompted the development of this new line of petrol, kerosene and diesel fuel pumps that satisfy the criteria of the stringent ATEX and UL directive and the IECEx certification scheme.
Explosion Proof
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